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Bunny Warriors

Bunny Warriors: Largest Sol Chain NFT Project in Asia

Launched in 2021, the OptionPRC team was behind the whole Bunny Warriors project and was involved in everything from the fundraising, branding, marketing, designs, PR to market-making.



myJOSHI: The World’s Biggest KOL-driven Web3 Project

myJOSHI is the second project wholly launched by the OptionPRC team, a BRC20 project that links 10,000 KOLs and provides them with opportunities for live-streaming and to appear on a TV Show that will be shown on Netflix.



WASUP!: BRC20 Memecoin Project

WASUP! is a one of the first NFT & memecoin projects on the BRC20 chain. The OptionPRC team is responsible for helping with the memecoin positioning, design, marketing, tech and market-making.


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