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What is the mission/goal of myJOSHI

In Japan, Joshiryoku is often translated as 'girl power', however, contrary to its English counterpart and other than describing or praising a female’s capability, it isperceived by many as sugarcoating the judgement against a female’s level of femininity, with factors such as their etiquette, cooking skills, fashion sense and so on.

And we’re here to rewrite that! Joshiryoku Club is here to establish a virtual community that spreads the fact and notion that females have always been much more than what they have been deemed to be, and shares experiences and exchanges ideas of improving the status quo, to thereby empower females in the real world.

The Story

myJOSHI is an NFT project derived from "joshiryoku", or feminine force in English, or girl power in our definition. This project is the first KOL-driven Web3 project, dedicated to unleashing women’s potential and independence by empowering them to become KOLs.

Through the collection of cute and female-centric NFTs, OptionPRc, aims to create a vibrant community that uplifts and empowers women worldwide. With the establishment of a unique platform for female influencers to engage with their followers, a sense of community and empowerment will be created like never before. From social media marketing to own livestreaming platform, we plan an ambitious roadmap, which is poised to drive meaningful impact, ending with our own reality show to be shown on Netflix.

On top of a business model, NFTs can also serve as a tool to embrace equality and empowerment. To be launched in Q3 2024.